Women Negotiating for Success

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A National Leadership Initiative in collaboration with Canadian Women in Communications

Rodger Harding has been invited to present the CWC (Canadian Women in Communications) National Women Negotiating for Success Workshop Series to nine chapters across Canada.

This initiative is designed to enhance the ability of women in managing the key elements of negotiation to better achieve their personal and business goals. Participants will be encouraged to to create an individual negotiation style that will pave the way to the best possible career outcomes in years to come.

In particular, the workshop will focus on the circumstances facing women in the fast-paced and constantly changing environment in which we all work today. Negotiation strategies will be identified to assist with the effective identification, analysis and management of situations where an accurate and ongoing interpretation of people and events are required.

Rodger will share negotiation expertise that reflects his extensive management consulting, diplomatic and legal experience. His interactive approach will provide a sound foundation of key negotiation principles as well as the enhancement of any theories, methods and expertise already known. Rodger believes that the outcome of any negotiation will dictate a course of action based on actual, not perceived realities. It is in this spirit that the workshop is designed to: 

  • Link Negotiation to Leadership
  • Illustrate the difference between negotiation and confrontation
  • Provide techniques that enhance rapport and good ongoing relationships between parties to any negotiation

All participants will receive a comprehensive handout/summary that will serve as an ongoing resource 

 Please follow link for an article written about the New Brunswick event by Rachel Bloomer for the Telgraph Journal:


Chapter Negotiation Workshop dates:

New Brunswick 

National Capital Region                       


South Western Ontario            

British Columbia                      



Greater Toronto Area         


April 2, 2008                  

April 22, 2008                 

April 8, 2008         

April 10, 2008       

April 15, 2008       

April 16, 2008       

April 17, 2008       

April 24, 2008 

April 29, 2008

For more information visit Canadian Women In Coomunications 

“In business, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”  - Chester L. Karrass

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