Women helping Women

by Administrator 13.Dec.2009 10:44:00

During a recent magnified mammogram procedure, a friend of mine, not wanting to distress her family, spent the day alone at the hospital. I was hugely impacted by the importance, yet simplicity of her comment. Is this perhaps a fortuitous distillation of the essence of how women make their contribution? Consider her observations in the context ofcorporate scenarios: 

"My day at the hospital was one of the most uplifting experiences I've had in a while. I chose to go alone. There was a pervading sense of women looking after women at the clinic. People from all walks of life sat and chatted for hours as we all waited for our procedures. The radiographers held my hand and stroked my back during the biopsy, and the doctor put her arm around me as she led me to her office to discuss the preliminary results. There are boxes of knitting in the waiting room, and while we waited we knitted strips destined to become blankets for women's shelters. I was fascinated by the gaudy bits of knitting - each obviously bearing testimony to one woman's emotions as she waited.

I think that women do a great job of looking out for each other when the chips are down - I worry that men don't, as they soldier through their troubles."

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