This service has evolved as an additional company offering to the usual Business Leadership programs in response to client demand!
  • Place learning disability in context of individual big-picture scenarios
  • Understand ADD/ADHD against an innate competency/experience competency, experience background
  • Avoid assuming ADD/ADHD as an individual brand!
  • You do a fantastic job in discussing complicated topics ...Your personable, humorous, down-to-earth style make the content easy to digest. You remind us of basic truths of how to live a happy life that will attract success.” – Jayne Greene-Black, York University LDP Mentorship Program
  • Manage ADD/ADHD on educational, business & social levels.
  • Use ADD/ADHD as an asset ... not as a disadvantage!


  • High functioning candidates, including students and employees who desire to achieve their fullest potential
  • Original thinkers and creative individuals who desire to make a full and pleasurable contribution
  • Those who seek and demand full accommodation of who they are
  • Individuals who prize creative thinking as their greatest asset

In 2009, Rodger Harding was recognized by York University for: “… Exceptional commitment & contributions to numerous students in the Learning Disabilities Program and for Outstanding Involvement in York University's Career Mentorship Program"
  • Rodger Harding has successfully managed his own ADHD in career that has spanned a legal, diplomatic and consulting experience
  • ADD/ADHD students have been successfully coached for a 12 year period
  • “Yesterday I received an offer of admission from Osgoode Hall Law School. You are an inspirational human being that exemplifies the best of characteristics of human wisdom, and generosity. Thank you very much for all of your support.” – Simon Marmur
  • The company works primarily with corporate clients - This qualifies Rodger Harding to consider each ADD/ADHD client with the focus on accommodation and assimilation in everyday workplace/organizational environments
  • Extensive experience in corporate Career Development; Leadership; Strategic Communication; Negotiation; Self–Esteem; Cultural Diversity & Conflict Management training etc. is applied
  • 12+ years intense experience with the Learning Disability Mentorship program at York University, Toronto has provided ongoing training and exposure to evolving trends as well as hands on experience with diverse levels of ADD/ADHD and co-morbidity cases
  • All coaching approaches are developed in line with individual requirement – Students are not labeled or categorized

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