Key Note Talks/Speaking Engagements

Rodger Harding, an accomplished and entertaining speaker will deliver keynotes on any business related issue that clients may require.

Suggested Themes available in English or French:

Women & the Psychology of Leadership

This interactive workshop is primarily geared for women who instinctively know there must be something more to their career – Their destiny to lead:

  • Middle to senior management career women who believe they have unused leadership potential.
  • Women who believe in the untapped power of women in leadership roles.
  • Executives who are passionate about mentoring a new generation of leaders.

Rodger Harding will share insights that will enhance your ability to:

  • Reveal your innate & learned leadership strengths.
  • Enhance awareness of what you as a woman bring to the leadership process.
  • Enable full and confident articulation of your leadership ability.
  • Provide negotiation techniques that will allow easy navigation of the road ahead.
  • Allow evolution of individual strategies to take your deserved place in the corporate world.

Illicit Corporate Spying

Explore the realities of modern day corporate espionage. Most of us are not aware of the critical secrets we disclose on a daily basis. This customized talk will heighten individual and team awareness, as well as provide simple solutions to better protect organizational information.

  • Corporate agents spy…Just because they can!
  • How vulnerable are you?
  • Is expensive technology the only counter-solution?
  • Explore how employee awareness is the ultimate protection
  • Turn the tables on the competition… What do your employees know that might help?

Rodger Harding is a decorated former diplomat and author of Corporate Intelligence Awareness … Securing the Competitive Edge.”

The Psychology of Negotiation

Effective techniques to will, using innate competencies, enhance audience ability to:

  • Understand the psychology of negotiation excellence.
  • Link Negotiation to good business practice.
  • Ensure efficient/correct negotiation objective setting.
  • Increase ability to negotiate internally & externally.
  • Demystify the difference between negotiation and confrontation.
  • Utilize workable techniques that will establish rapport, cohesion and good ongoing relationships between parties to any negotiation.

Rodger Harding has distilled key elements of high level negotiation scenarios into workable corporate guidelines.

Recent Topics/Themes:

  • Corporate Intelligence Awareness - Act before the Competition!
  • Replenishment of the Business Gene Pool.
  • Corporate Intelligence & Relationship Management - Predicting Business Outcomes.
  • Building Business Relationships that Endure!
  • Managing Uncertainty - What constitutes a successful company in uncertain times?
  • Confrontation VS Conflict.
  • Political Correctness and Zero Tolerance in the Workplace Demystified.
  • Corporate Citizenship

Rodger is an energetic, entertaining and a highly educational facilitator. I would recommend his Corporate Intelligence Awareness program.” – Barry Mackinnon, VP Marketing, Bombardier Aerospace

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