Zoom ConsultingRodger gives you something astonishing: the ability to truly see yourself. He is unbelievably kind, encouraging, inspiring ... but you better be prepared, because he also pushes you to go beyond (far beyond) what you thought you could do.If you want more than blah-blah-blah corporate speak -- if you want honesty -- talk to Rodger.
-Pamela Goossen, Marketing Strategist and Creative Director, Zoom Consulting Ltd.
21st Avenue PartnersRodger has been a friend, colleague and mentor for over 10 years. During this time I have come to value not only his keen insight into leadership and competitive advantage, but also his willingness to live his values. A wise and principled thought-partner with the courage of his convictions. -Andrew Dorrington, 21st Avenue Partners
McEwen CapitalOver the years Rodger has provided me with highly meaningful and relevant strategic business and career management advice. His book on competitive intelligence awareness has become a staple in my legal practice. His insights are grounded in experience, common sense, and a unique ability to extract and recognize latent sub-surface human and organizational talents and abilities.-Nils F. Engelstad, Vice President,& Corporate Counsel at McEwen Capital Group of Companies
York UniversityRodger has been a true inspiration for me and my development. He has guided me and worked with me on discovering my true passions and desires. He is a brilliant consultant and a true innovator. I would work with him again and recommend him to anyone looking to find their true passion. - -Ben Davies, Student, York University
McKinsey & CompanyRodger's career and life advice was very beneficial to me. A conversation with him is always inspirational and 'nutritious'.-Fred Lesage, Consultant (McKinsey & Company)
CWC This seminar far exceeded expectation - Rodger is poised, articulate, respectful and an excellent fit with this audience - He was dead on with his presentation and I would recommend him without hesitation." -S.M. Canadian Women in Communications (CWC)
Bombardier Aerospace "Rodger is energetic, entertaining and a highly educational facilitator. I would recommend his programs." -Barry Mackinnon, VP Marketing Bombardier Aerospace
Bombardier AerospaceYour participation in our International / Asia Pacific FS Conference helped make it one of the best and more relaxed conferences we've ever had. Very effective facilitation! Thank you. -Paul Masse, Manager, Field Services, Bombardier Aerospace
Etihad AirwaysThank you for an excellent re-alignment and augmentation of my ideas with regard to resolving conflict and moving forward with a plan in general. I have attended many of these courses in the past, your content format and delivery are outstanding this was the general consensus of the group. -Philip Markham General Manager, Operations Development at Etihad Airways (U.A.R)
Bombardier AerospaceThe informality within the group opened up opportunities that would not have come out otherwise. -Alex Brytak, Bombardier Aerospace
Arnold Worldwide (Vickers & Benson Interactive)"Was impressed with Rodger's ability to get each person involved and thinking - Especially with such a diverse group". -Marie Boal, Production Manager, ArnoldWorldwide (Vickers & Benson Interactive)
Heritage Canada "Tres bon seminaire. Objectifs realistes avec une approche nouvelle a permis une certaine ouverture et des echanges agreables. Merci." -Josee Arbique, Heritage Canada
Craig Martin "Rodger cut to the chase and talked about real issues that I need to focus on to ensure a rewarding career. He is a solid individual who actually cares about people and genuinely wants to help. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet him and hope to stay in touch in the future." -Craig Martin
Ministry, Municipal Affairs and HousingTaking a completely different tack from meetings of this nature, Mr. Harding inspired the participants to think for themselves about their work place challenges, and to offer solutions/responses based on their actual experiences and their work environments. -Anonymous, Ministry, Municipal Affairs and Housing
Ministry, Municipal Affairs and HousingRodger Harding does what a good facilitator should do make people think. Each individual was urged to think about their skills, encouraged to develop their potential, and inspired to act to build a more supportive and productive workplace. This is real teambuilding! - -Ministry, Municipal Affairs and Housing
Heritage Canada "Tres dynamic, interessant et vrai" -Lyne Epperciel, Heritage Canada
Bombardier Aerospace, Montreal

J'aimerais avant tout vous remercier, ce fut très agréable de vous avoir parmis nous. Les participants ont bien apprécié votre séminaire. Ils ont trouvé le contenue simple, réaliste et surtout présenté de façon sympatique. Il y avait une très bonne énergie dans le groupe.

- Martine Bergeron, Bombardier Aerospace, Montreal
CM Very straightforward and comprehensive. Light and witty which makes training principles easier to put into practice. -Christine Mulligan
SFC Group "Mr. Harding, through his various innovative and unique teaching methods, is well qualified and extremely gifted in the area of personal development and is highly recommended to teach in this very specialized area. " -Ellis Orlan, C.P.A., SFC Group
Bombardier AerospaceI liked the unstructured format as it allows for in depth discussions. Discussions were made relevant - Better than expected. -Simon Chung, R.A. Finance, Bombardier Aerospace
The Canadian Bar Association of Ontario "I want to congratulate you on a job well done. A room full of lawyers is not the easiest audience to appear before, yet you ruled the room. On a personal level, I enjoyed all three sessions immensely. You have that unique ability (gift?) to teach ideas without it being hard work for the student. I found your personal style very relaxing and yet I felt the challenge." -David Clarke, Chair, YLD Division, The Canadian Bar Association of Ontario
Bombardier Aerospace " The program went beyond expectation; I was able to ask questions outside the guidelines of the course that were answered giving me more insight into my position and perspectives. Rodger's manner put me at ease immediately!" -Tim Bailey, Bombardier Aerospace
Canadian Women in Communications (CWC) " Excellent - I liked the interactive approach and the focus on specific cases brought up by participants." -Canadian Women in Communications (CWC)
Canadian Women in Communications (CWC) "Just what I needed to help me focus, let go and move on!" - T R (CWC)
CWC "The facilitator was entertaining. He was knowledgeable and I feel I got something precious out of it." -Anonymous, CWC
CWC "A broader application than expected - the focus continually shifted opening up possibilities and recharged batteries! A very genuine, motivated facilitator whose personal experiences rang true." -D H (CWC)
Morningstar Canada " I have been to several communication seminars and this was by far the best. Very interactive - I like the UNSTRUCTURE! - made it more adult like" -Julie Proulx, Morningstar Canada
Private individual "My career was going nowhere until the consultation I had with you. The assistance you provided, especially the confidence you restored played a major role in turning failure into success." -Sol Friedman
CWC "Rodger's lively and provocative presentation stirred the murky depths of my mind, spurring it on to find new ways to address certain conflict scenarios. The resource book will be invaluable." -P.G. (CWC)
Atlantic Film Festival "I really enjoyed the process and was surprised by what I was able to take away. The process that we have started is already bearing fruit. Most of the staff have thanked us for bringing you in. As well the level of communication and energy has shot up dramatically (in one day)..." -Gregor Ash, Executive Director, Atlantic Film Festival

McKinsey & Company
BBM Canada
COGECO Cable Inc.
TransCanada Pipeline
The Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing
The Canadian Bar Association of Ontario
Canadian Women in Communication
Bombardier Aerospace
The University Health Network
The Atlantic Film Festival
Harlequin Publishing
Solution Alternatives Inc.
Junior Team Canada/GlobalVision
CCAMMA (Chinese Canadian Advertising, Media & Marketing Association
ITI Information Technology Institute
Arnold Interactive
Vickers & Benson Interactive
United Parcel Service
(Digital Renaissance Inc.) Amdocs (The Solect Technology Group)
IT Design Centre, U of T School of Architecture
The Institute of Computer Studies (CDI)
The Hotel Intercontinental, Toronto
The Hotel Human Resources Professional Association
The Toronto Metro Convention Centre
Heritage Canada
Revenue Canada
Dundee Mutual Funds
MorningStar Canada
NAV Canada
NCR Canada
York University
George Brown College
Durham College
The Royal Conservatory of Music
Meridian - Jutras Division
Bayer Inc.
dmg WorldMedia
Jane/Finch Community Centre
Rotman Commerce
University of Toronto
Ontario Ministry of Finance
Ontario Ministry of Health
21st Avenue Partners

Reference List and Testimonials Available on Request.
The considerable list of clients who participate in our Coaching Program remains confidential!

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