Reverse Forensics = Intelligence Gathering ... Dynamic Leadership

by Administrator 07.Jul.2011 13:03:00

A Forensic Investigation, it is probably safe to say, refers to the reading/consideration of all available clues to determine the origins (what or why or by whom) of any known/past fact, deed or event.

A Corporate Intelligence Initiative refers to the reading of all available clues to determine what might happen in the future.

This simple comparison proved useful recently while working with a large corporate client in overcoming group resistance to work with unproven scenarios. Illustrating that the expertise required for disaggregating a problem was exactly the same as that required to work forward to a desired goal, facilitated the deployment of an innovative strategy to navigate uncharted territory.

Working with the unknown or unproven, in our opinion, is the greatest challenge facing the corporate mind set in securing a true competitive edge. Dynamic Leadership has the courage to explore and factor in what might happen in the future. Risk Management is just that… managing, not avoidance, of mights & maybes!


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