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"This seminar far exceeded expectation - Rodger is poised, articulate, respectful- He was dead on with his presentation and I would recommend him without hesitation." - S.M. Canadian Women in Communications (CWC)
"Your participation in our International/Asia Pacific FS Conference helped make it one of the best and more relaxed conferences we've ever had. Very effective facilitation! Thank you." - Paul Masse, Manager, Bombardier Aerospace
" I want to congratulate you on a job well done. A room full of lawyers is not the easiest audience to appear before, yet you ruled the room. You have that unique ability (gift?) to teach ideas without it being hard work. I found your personal style very relaxing yet challenging". - David Clarke, Chair, YLD Division, The Canadian Bar Association of Ontario
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"In this compelling book by a former diplomat, you will learn the secrets (step by step) to developing an intelligence strategy by effective information gathering and analyzing, and then to delivering credible intelligence to senior management."|more...

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Toronto based Rodger Harding, applying leadership savvy learned from military, legal, diplomatic & business consulting experience has a proven record of enabling full leadership potential in scores of business folk. His clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, national not-for-profit organizations & learning institutions.

The Harding Leadership training program raises awareness, validates and empowers the true essence of leadership. We enhance your ability to identify, strengthen and take full advantage of core leadership competencies, instilling legitimate confidence rather than reinforcing a preoccupation with outward presence. | more...
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All Harding International and Associates Inc. programs are designed to:
  • Access existing innate and learned competencies/experience.
  • Enhance individual/team ability to meet current organizational requirement.
  • Accommodate changing environment and circumstance.
Our customized programs are built from scratch and will accurately reflect the unique context of corporate operations and identity. Training products that utilize the Harding Model are limited to one company per industry. This commitment ensures that training initiatives will result in strategic and competitive advantage - We encourage clients to safeguard our techniques and methodology as part of their intellectual property.| more...


Business Leadership & Positive Negativity

by Administrator 10.Jul.2011 19:50:00

Effective Business Leadership recognizes real and perceived negativity in the operational as well as all stakeholder environments.  This ability embraces the coexistence of opposites, notably certainty & uncertainty, structure & chaos. In the same vein, good leadership will recognize, accommodate and optimise individual/team strengths and manage human weakness/imperfection. Such an approach builds a climate of team confidence & trust.

Without failure there cannot be success; Agreement without disagreement! In recent decades though, a corporate leadership culture where all negativity is ignored/dismissed if and when it arises, seems to be increasingly commonplace. It is almost as if the school of positive thinking pundits have banished the possibility of all things negative, denying an inescapable human emotional wellspring.

Oftentimes those who disagree or ask too many questions are oftentimes seen as a “negative team influence”. I hear all too often the comment that these folk are “slowing the team down”! Would it not be an unfortunate turn of events if such inflexible management, preferring sycophantic passivity, cowed thinking/dedicated individuals into silence? Surely the consideration of opposing points of view provides opportunities for change, enhancement and innovation? A corporate spirit of efficent exploration will surely lead to a strong competive edge!

Mishaps, problems, glitches & failure are part of life. Is it prudent to hold the view that these phenomenon should not happen? Why is it that anything short of 100% approval is often enough to prompt real anxiety and the desire for retribution? Is it possible to lead via set templates and the rule book? Similarly, why are individuals who ask for help so often considered "incapable"? Have our levels of expectation/entitlement risen to absolute levels? What happened to the age old adage: To err is human?  

I recently came across an interesting talk by Alain de Botton that extols the virtue of pessimism - - An interesting societal exploration of the ongoing individual search for happiness and success – Perhaps a good investment of listening time:  


For many years I have drawn comfort from Leonard Cohen’s Anthem:

“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.”


For all inquiries about Business Leadership Training/Coaching: (416) 962-6700  

Maximizing Team Input: Finding out what they don’t know they know!

by Administrator 13.Oct.2010 13:38:00

As direct offshoot from our Corporate Intelligence Program we have successfully delivered a 2-day training pilot for this exciting and relevant new offering: 

The Situation  

A growing IT solution provider ready to move to the next level in terms of growth and steps to establish a clear competitive edge 

The Challenge 

Lack of available budget to hire required expertise 

The Task 

 To explore the availability of existing, but untapped expertise in the current team resource pool; An interactive discussion format allows for an organic/flexible evolution of team performance/results – This is not a canned/pre-set program. 

The Program Objectives 

·          Stocktaking of current team responsibilities existing and conscious team expertise and experience·          Via everyday and fun exercises, demonstrate to team members their innate ability to access unconscious knowledge and provide workable solutions

·          Up the ante, using newly learned techniques to explore real operational challenges/problems/objectives solutions and possibly arrive at sustainable and cost-effective solutions     

Short Term Results 

·          Clear individual ability to think laterally and access hitherto hidden or dormant expertise

·          Team preparedness to consider the bigger picture and cross job-description boundaries where necessary

·          Potentially workable solutions delivered within available budget 

Long Term Results 

·          Increased awareness of, and individual connection (across the board) to, service-oriented leadership

·          Enhanced/sustainable work ethic   

Should this program resonate, please call Rodger Harding for more information: (416) 962-6700 

The program respects client confidentiality at all times!

 “Expression is all we want… not knowledge, but vent: We know enough; but have not leaves and lungs for a healthy perspiration and growth” – Ralph Waldo Emerson (Selected Journals 1841-1877)

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