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Our successful Individual and Corporate 'One-To-One' is an initiative that has grown in response to request for the service from our leadership and business training client base. Participants are provided with a confidential forum to address, directly and individually, questions of career advancement and transition to management with an internationally experienced coach.

"Rodger is truly a "natural" when it comes to working with people to help them identify their strengths, and to also help them orient their career approach to take best advantage of these strengths. He is very experienced dealing with "tough cases" - employees who for various reasons (both positive and negative) have failed to have successful engagements with other career coaches. Rodger's methods are unique and effective, and he demonstrates the perfect combination of natural intuition and exceptional education & experience. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

 Terry Williams, Ontario Ministry of Finance.

The underlying premise of the program is that full and enjoyable investment of learned/innate individual competencies will generate a corporate ripple effect that will speak to individual fulfillment as well as increased productivity and bottom line goal attainment. Placing high value on the unique/constant evolution of the individual, participants are encouraged, on an ongoing basis to:
  • Sustain awareness of individual excellence and actual/potential contribution. 
  • Take responsibility for the full investment of their ability and experience in current or future positions.
  • Identify and address (and, if appropriate seek guidance) any issues that impede a full contribution

The program is geared to the full spectrum of business players and students, who with a minimum time investment will have enhanced long term ability to:

  • Discuss and articulate ability, experience and career issues 
  • Re-energize individual contribution
  • Identify stagnation & unused talents, skills, leadership etc. 
  • Clarify areas requiring further development.
  • Highlight the entrepreneurial spirit, emotional intelligence & relationship building attributes.
  • Ensure real application of their analytical/creative mix.
  •  Deploy internal/external consulting strengths.
  • Confirm/identify areas of preference in present/prospective employ.
  • Strategize for future career planning objectives

Immediate & Tangible Return on Investment

  • Defining/marketing of relevant skills, competencies, experience & personality.
  • Measuring current professional/personal impact.
  • Making the right career choices with confidence.
  • Enhanced Cover Letters, Resumes etc. that clearly, correctly & concisely reflect individual excellence/experience.
  • Verbal articulation of individual competencies through polished Presentation Skills and Interview Techniques.

Clients are invited to collaboratively determine the duration of their engagement

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