International Women’s Day & Gender Intelligence

by Administrator 07.Mar.2013 17:29:00

On this important day I salute those remarkable women whose innate service-orientation drives their ability to observe, listen & intuit. Your preparedness to engage not only identifies what has to be done, but also inspires those who need to take the required action!  

International Women’s Day also provides the occasion to acknowledge all those who take the time to see, access, validate & and enable the potential of deserving women. 
My 3 decade career, served on 3 continents, has left me with little doubt that the human aspect of women leadership, bringing empathy, acceptance, flexibility and adaptability, is indispensable to the sustenance and advancement of the species! 

On a personal level, I am humbled by those women who see me for who I am…For understanding the coexistence of perfection & imperfection, strength & vulnerability, confidence & insecurity, wisdom & fallibility....!  

Thank you!

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