Seminar: Project Management Institute

by Administrator 09.Oct.2007 20:48:00

Southern Ontario Chapter   
PMI-SOC Breakfast Meeting

On Tuesday, November 13, 2007 Rodger Harding has been invited to discuss Corporate Intelligence from a Project Management perspective.

 The presentation will be entitled:

 The Project Management Team, the Eyes & Ears of an Organization

 Content will include:

  • Intelligence Gathering VS Espionage 
  • Unnecessary sharing of information - What walks out the door 
  • Information Gaps - What the organization needs to know 
  • Establishing Client Confidence - The Human Factor in Information Gathering
  • Negotiation: Overcoming resistance – Ensuring relevance to decision-makers 
  • Measurable Communication Success – Effective delivery techniques - An awareness of personal/team/company intelligence impact on others

 For more information on the event visit:

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