Rodger Harding Rodger Nevill Harding - Founder and Principal
Harding International and Associates Inc.
9836 Keele Street
Vaughan , Ontario , L6A 3Y4 Canada
+1 416 962-6700
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Rodger's wealth of experience derives from an international career as a lawyer, diplomat and trainer and makes for a stimulating delivery of seminars, workshops and interactive talks on a variety of subjects. His principle fields of expertise are Strategic Business Communication, Corporate Intelligence Awareness, Leadership, Career Transition, Workplace Excellence & Conflict Management/Mediation, providing effective solutions to a broad range of clients ranging from business, legal, IT, industrial to government.

High value is placed on the unique role of each organization and individual to contribute to the ongoing evolution of good business. The company is boutiquish in style and operates on a personal level, resisting the ever-present temptation to become an impersonal training machine. Proven methodology enhances leadership, relationship building, strategic thinking/communication and business outcome prediction, and provides both immediate and residual value. Flexible program content and an empathetic delivery style allow for iterative and tangential learning that ensures relevance to most audiences.

Rodger�s positive impact on people from all walks of life derives from a career evolution ranging from the sophisticated diplomatic lifestyle of Paris, to the survival of death threats from mercenaries and modern day pirates in the Indian Ocean, to the management of multi-million dollar development aid projects. The business and people training solutions offered have their origin in the unique experience provided by service as Head of Training in the South African Department of Foreign Affairs. Rodger spearheaded the design and implementation of the training of ministers and government officials for the successful introduction of the New South Africa to the world.

Experience in North America, Europe and Africa has enhanced his business, political and social savvy and guarantees stimulating perspectives and original content. Rodger is proud of his ability to creatively access individual contribution within the larger framework of given business objectives. This basic starting point, combined with his strongly hands-on, collaborative delivery style has proved popular with the wide diversity of companies and individuals who engage the services of his company.

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